Updated Mini Guidebook to Creagan Cha-no

The SMC have just updated their popular mini-guide to Creagan Cha-no on Cairn Gorm by incorporating 40 new routes that have been climbed since the previous edition was published in 2018. The cover shows Simon Richardson climbing The Edge of Profanity (V,7). (Photo Roger Webb)

Just in time for the new winter season, the Scottish Mountaineering Club have published a new edition of their mini-guide to the easily accessible Creagan Cha-no on the east side of Cairn Gorm. The guide is fully comprehensive and includes all winter routes climbed until the start of the current season. Over 100 climbs are described with grades ranging from II to VII and illustrated with 20 topos and a map.

The mini-guide can be downloaded as a PDF from the Scottish Mountaineering Press website.

< https://scottishmountaineeringpress.com/product/creagan-cha-no-winter-climbs-pdf-smc>

The cost is £4.00 and all profits go to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust.

To complement its print range of guidebooks, the SMC are developing a number of digital publications. These include aMunros App for iOS and a range of packages to climbing areas, available via the Rockfax App. The SMC are also building a collection of online PDFs to download, for areas that aren’t currently published in print (such as this mini-guide to Creagan Cha-no).

About Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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