Go West

Rosie Goolden leading the final pitch of Lemon Groove (V,6) on the West Face of Druim Shionnach in Glen Shiel. (Photo Andy Nisbet)

With blizzards sweeping cross the country from the East, and the Cairngorms covered in deep snow, going West was the obvious choice this weekend.

The favoured venue was Ben Nevis, where many mixed climbs such as Sioux Wall, Darth Vader, Gargoyle Wall, Babylon, Slab Climb and Tower Face of the Comb saw ascents.

On Saturday November 27, Mark Davidson, Rosie Goolden, Andy Nisbet visited the West Face of Druim Shionnach in Glen Shiel where they found the excellent-sounding Lemon Groove (V,6) which climbs past the right side of the larger right cave on the cliff. “It’s an improbable line,” Andy told me, “and climbing past the cave gives an exciting and helpful pitch.”

About Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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