CIC Hut Winds

Robin Clothier (right) assesses the damage to the CIC Hut roof after the great storm earlier in December. Winds of 165mph were recorded that day on Cairngorm (a mere 20 minutes flying time away) and car windscreens were blown in down in Fort William. (Photo Will Sim)

James Dunn, who was in the CIC Hut on Ben Nevis together with Greg Boswell and Will Sim on December 8, has put together a brief video of the wind that day, and the damage to the CIC Hut roof.

After taking the video, the trio attempted to descend, but the wind was so strong and they had to retreat back to the hut. The next day the winds died and they made the second ascent of The Knuckleduster.

The new roof, which is less than three years old, was torn off due to the failure of a fixing. The previous roof lasted over 80 years, which says a lot for the robustness of traditional materials. The CIC Hut has now been temporarily repaired due to the efforts of Hut Custodian Robin Clothier and other members of the SMC, but it is still uncertain whether the hut will remain open through the winter.

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