Stac Pollaidh’s North-West Corner Direct

Roger Webb on a new Direct Finish to North-West Corner on Stac Pollaidh. This 115m-long summer V Diff was first climbed in winter by John Lyall and Hannah Burrows-Smith in December 2000 and graded IV,5. (Photo James Edwards)

Yesterday, (December 22), James Edwards and Roger Webb visited Stac Pollaidh. It was another bitterly cold day, and a temperature of -16C was recorded in the valley.

They climbed the first two pitches of North-West Corner and then went straight up for a further two pitches of Tech 7 adding another 60 metres of new ground. On November 28, they made the first winter ascent of Enigma, so this is the second new addition the pair has made to Stac Pollaidh this season.

“Once again Roger got the hard bit,” James told me. “Rather than a master class in monopoint crampon technique as last time, his exposition was a lesson in brute strength and fighting ability with the steep turfy sandstone cracks!”

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Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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  1. Erik Brunskill says:

    Hi Simon, interesting report, confused as to where this direct finish is? the top pitch of Rampage follows an easy turfy groove literally just right of the crest.. I assumed NWC basically went up the crest and also finished up this.. Perhaps NWC is not actually at the NW corner and is further right then..?! 🙂 anyway, good to see some action on this wee gem of a hill, a special place during weather like it is just now

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