SMC Journal New Routes Website

Hot off the press – the new SMC Journal New Routes website contains over 9000 route descriptions representing the most comprehensive Scottish new routes listing available.

The Scottish Mountaineering Club collects route descriptions for new routes climbed each year and publishes them in the SMC Journal. These descriptions are now available online via the following interactive website:>

The website is available to all and works on any desktop, tablet or smartphone that has an Internet connection. It includes all routes that have been published in the Journal and are not included in a definitive guidebook.

The website also includes links to a full set of scanned SMC Journals and a selection of mini guides. First ascents can also be searched by climber name.

The SMC is committed to maintaining a comprehensive record of Scottish climbing, so if you have climbed a new route or have any comments or corrections, please submit them via the red new route button. New route descriptions will be added to the website on a frequent basis once they have been checked and moderated.

About Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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