All Ricketty on Quinag

Ricketty Ridge on the West Face of Quinag. The new additions, Rickets (V,6) and Ramshackle Gully (IV,4), climb the the defining gullies to its left and right. Ricketty Ridge itself, provides a fine V,7, but it rarely holds snow and ice. (Photo Andy Nisbet)

On December 22 and 23, Andy Nisbet and Jonathan Preston had an enjoyable couple of days climbing on the Western Cliffs of Quinag in the far North-West. They started off by climbing Rickets (V,6), the deep gully that curves right behind the 200m-high Ricketty Ridge, and they returned the following day to add Ramshackle Gully to the right of the Ridge.

“We had two gorgeous days on an accessible but┬árarely visited cliff,” Andy told me. “We watched the sun set from the top of Rickets and still made it to the car without torches.”

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Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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