How to Report a New Route

Robin Clothier on the first ascent of Shangri La (V,5) on South Trident Buttress on Ben Nevis. The route was climbed in January 2021 and the route description was included in the 2021 SMC Journal that was published last November. (Photo Simon Richardson)

Scottish new routes are recorded in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal which is published annually. In addition, new route descriptions are stored in a database which forms the basis for SMC guidebooks. The database aims to be comprehensive and currently contains c.40,000 routes on 7,000 crags across Scotland. The route count increases daily as climbers discover and record new climbs.

To submit a new route follow this link from the SMC website. This takes you to the SMC New Routes page where you can input a route description directly into the holding area of the database. The route is then checked and verified, and you will receive a personal email confirming receipt of the description and whether it covers new ground. Topos and action photos can also be submitted, and new topos can be created from scratch using a simple tool.

The New Routes page contains useful information such as the New Routes sections from previous journals, a running list of route comments, and links to scanned SMC Journals and mini guides.

The cost of publishing the New Routes Section in the Journal is supported by the Scottish Mountaineering Trust.

The deadline for sending route descriptions for the 2022 Journal is 31 May 2022.

About Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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