Hare Restorer in Corrie Fee

Pamela Miller on the first ascent of Hare Restorer (IIII,4) in Glen Clova’s Corrie Fee. The route follows the rib between The Comb and the unnamed Grade I gully to its right. (Photo Martin Holland)

“Pamela Millar and I were out in Coire Fee yesterday (January 24)” Martin Holland writes. “We ended up high in the corrie and climbed a line starting below and right of The Comb and finishing to it’s right. There was quite a lot of easy/escapable ground, but it’s probably worth recording for the first and last pitches, which were good turfy mixed climbing. The route was named Hare Restorer because I scared a hare when throwing a sling over a belay boulder and it’s next to The Comb.

The easy gully immediately west of The Comb doesn’t seem to have a name. It’s technically F Gully I guess, and is well defined in its upper reaches where it forks. I’ve climbed the left fork before, which was one of the reasons we were up in this area.”

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Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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