More Cambus Ice

Neil Morrison on the first winter ascent of Urban Decay, Cambus O'May, Aberdeenshire. Note the bolt runner clipped just left of his left hand! (Photo Neil Morrison Collection)

Neil Morrison contacted me last night about yesterday’s post about ice climbing at Cambus O’May:

“I was there on Wednesday (December 22) and led one route [Urban Decay (Severe)] which was exciting leading.  Was back today (December 26), great fun and I led one of the lines [Magic Bus F5+] and Sandy Simpson another [Deathwish 2 F5+] but its all on it’s way out now.  I top roped the corner left of Heinous de Milo last Wednesday and was keen for a go on the lead but it had fallen down so I was spared!”

About Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson is a passionate Scottish winter climber
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